3-part course over 3 weeks including pre-recorded videos, interactive workshop and post workshop support

Upcoming series on Dec 13th, Jan 12th and Jan 25th

Available in local timezones for Asia, Europe and Americas

What you'll learn

  • How to authenticate users with Username & Password and oAuth 2
  • Learn the difference between Authentication and Authorization
  • Learn how to use Torii and Ember Simple Auth In your application
  • Understand common security considerations of different authentication scenarios
  • Understand the difference between Implicit Grant and Resource Owner Password Credentials flows
  • How to manage authentication session in Ember applications
Rock and roll with ember!

This course is perfect for...

We will prepare you for building authentication into your application and give you the confidence to know that you understand all common approaches to authentication.

Most of our students are either building their first Ember application or working in professional environments. This course requires basic familiarity with Ember and different elements of Ember applications.

Who will teach you?

Balint Erdi's portrait

Balint Erdi is a full stack developer. As a teacher, Balint taught thousands of people to learn Ember through his book Rock and Roll with Ember.js.

Why learn with us?

We believe your time is valuable, so we focus on making our training experience high in information density. We use edited videos to give each learner the fundamentals needed so that everyone in the group is prepared for the workshop. Everyone learns best by doing and this allows our workshops to be 100% exercise based.

How will you learn?

You will receive access to a collection of videos 2 weeks before the online workshop. In the workshop, Balint will take you through a series of exercises to demonstrate and explain how to implement authentication in an Ember app. After the workshop, you’ll receive access to Slack channel where you can ask questions as you add authentication to your app.

What if you have questions?

Because seats are limited, everyone will have a chance to ask questions during the workshop. After in the Slack channel after the workshop and you get a one-on-one 45 minute pair programming session with a mentor who can answer questions specific to your application.

What videos are included?

The course includes 25 minutes of video content that introduction to the following topics: authentication and authorization, OAuth 2.0, ember-simple-auth and Torii. Afterwards, you will receive a recording of your live workshop.

New to Ember?

Beginners are welcome, but please go through the Ember Guides before the workshop. To gain deeper understanding of Ember consider reading Balint’s Rock and Roll with Ember.js book.

What do you need?

You need a computer that has EmberCLI installed, a GitHub account, Chrome and latest version of Ember Inspector.

Available workshops

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